About Us

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We Are A Small Family Business 

Being in business for 41 years, we have established long lasting relationships with the City of New York, commercial contractors, and home owners. Safety is our number one priority! We strive to make our clients happy and save them money through safe and efficient work practices. Through many years of experience, working on highways, diverting traffic, working over parked cars, and in tight areas we can get the job done safely without damaging property. Valley serves the Five Boroughs and Long Island. No job is too big or too small. We are the standard in tree care operations.
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Mission Statement

To provide expert tree and plant care through education and experience. Striving to create a beautiful landscape and make our clients happy. Creating a culture of safety within our organization and helping others in our industry.

Business Model

Valley Tree has employees that have been with us for over 30 years. Being a small family business it is important to build relationships with our employees and build on their professionalism. Due to a culture of safety we are able to retain employees through providing training and growth in our company. 

Locally Owned & Operated • Licensed & Insured
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